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At Revelation Lingerie, we want to ensure that you are in the most comfortable, supportive, and flattering bras possible. We aim to bring you the best bras out there, that give you the best fit, at the best price. Bras that make you feel and look amazing. Bras that you want to keep on all day, instead of taking them off as soon as you get through the door.

We’ve heard time and time again how bras are uncomfortable, and the whole bra shopping experience is a rather painful and time consuming ordeal. We aim to make it as smooth as possible, so you can enjoy the uplift and luxury of your perfect bra.

Most people wear the wrong size bra due to being measured with outdated techniques.  Use our sister site Boob or Bust to find your size in the first step towards bra happiness.

Use our Bra Finder to find ‘the one’.

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