The Rixie Clip was developed by a woman looking for a way to solve her own struggle to find 28 band bras that fit properly. She found it extremely difficult to find any bras in her size. Her solution was to develop a ‘gadget’ that had the effect of shortening bra bands, so that she could buy 30 band bras and make them fit like 28 band bras. Rixie Clips have evolved into a unique, versatile patented design that allows you to extend or tighten bra bands to a custom fit in under a minute.

Unlike sewing alterations that are time consuming, take a certain degree of skill and are permanent, Rixie Clips take seconds to attach and can be transferred between bras. So even if all your bras have bands that are too large, one Rixie Clip may be all you need.

For those who need a 26, 28 or 30 bands, they can increase the range of suitable bras – making it easier for women to have bras that meet their colour, style or budget requirements.

Rixie Clips may also be used by those who need larger cup sizes. For instance a woman who needs a 34KK, but is struggling to find this size may buy a 36K (which has the same cup volume as a 34KK) and use a Rixie Clip to allow her to tighten the band to fit like a 34. Again this will increase the range of bras such women have to choose from, when shopping.

They can also be used to lengthen the life of any bras. As bras are worn their bands gradually stretch. You’ll find that a bra that felt snug on the loosest set of hooks and eyes when you bought it, will eventually feel a little loose, even on the tightest set. Using a Rixie Clip can give the effect of renewing your bra band, making it feel as snug and supportive as it did when you first bought it.

Yet another way that Rixie Clips may be used is for women who are losing weight. When we lose weight our band size will decrease. Sometimes our breasts will also decrease in size, meaning we need to buy whole new bras. But for those women whose breasts remain a consistent size, as their torsos become slimmer, a Rixie Clip to replicate the effect of wearing a band size smaller.

And what’s more this versatile little bit of bra gadgetry is not just a band shortener. It can also be used as a band extender.

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Nursing Conversion Kits

Having problems finding nice nursing bras in the right size at a reasonable price, that offer good support? Look no further… Convert an ordinary bra into a nursing bra!

Kits includes 2 x 18mm (3/4″) nursing clips and 2 x 12 inch bra elastic with plush backing (10mm width). Choose either black, white, or nude.

Kits come with step-by-step instructions which include photos of each stage.

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