The Gaia Mama 523 nursing brais not only a padded nursing bra but a wired one too!  The narrow wires offer brilliant support for those who need it, but like wearing any wires when nursing just double check they don’t sit on any breast tissue to avoid any blocked duct issues.  It is also the SOFTEST bra we have ever felt at the office…. we just want to cuddle it!

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Please note : Gaia cups are 2cms different from each other rather than the inch in UK sizing. We have done our best to convert their Polish size to UK sizing, but there is a certain amount of rounding required. If you are unsure of which size to order, please do contact us and we will do our best to advise.

Below is a chart showing the Gaia cup letter, the sizing range that covers in cm & inches (overbust measurement) and the approximate UK cup size range that relates to.

Gaia Cup Letter Gaia Size Range (cm) Gaia Size Range (“) Approx. UK Cup Range
A 12 – 14cm 4.7″-5.5″ D-DD
 B  14-16cm  5.5″-6.6″  DD-E
 C  16-18cm  6.6″-7.1″  E-F
 D  18-20cm  7.1″-7.9″  F-FF
 E  20-22cm  7.9″-8.6″  FF
 F  22-24cm  8.6″-9.4″  FF-G
 G  24-26cm  9.4″-10.2″  G-GG
 H  26-28cm  10.2″-11″  GG-H
 I  28-30cm  11″-11.8″  H-HH
 J  30-32cm  11.8″-12.6″  HH
 K  32-34cm  12.6″-13.4″  HH-J
 L  34-36cm  13.4″-14.2″  J-JJ


56% Polyamide

20% Polyester

12% Elastane

9% Cotton

3% Polyurethane