The Nessa Mamma Black Bra is an underwired nursing bra from Polish supplier Nessa. We have converted to UK sizes so you don’t need to worry about what to order.

A Wired Nursing Bra!

This is super comfortable and supportive wired nursing bra!  The cups are double layered fabric and give great lift (especially compared to the soft cup alternatives).  The black lace overlay mimics the bras many of us wore prior to nursing and allows you to not only do the fantastic job of breastfeeding but also feel good in yourself too.

What’s different about the Nessa Mamma

Imported from Poland the Nessa Mamma offers a brilliant alternative to some of the moulded wired nursing bras on the market.  The band is firmer than the Ecru/Pink alternative and cups are on the generous side and allow for some fluctuation of size during the day when baby skips a feed!

Black not your style?

This bra also comes in a white & pink version – Nessa Mamma Ecru/Pink Bra and Beige – Nessa Mamma Beige Bra

Once you’ve received this gorgeous bra you can do some simple checks to see if it fits, which can be found on our sister site Boob or Bust

Nessa Cup Letter Nessa Size Range (cm) Nessa Size Range (“) Approx. UK Cup Range
A 12 – 14cm 4.7″-5.5″ D-DD
B 14-16cm 5.5″-6.6″ DD-E
C 16-18cm 6.6″-7.1″ E-F
D 18-20cm 7.1″-7.9″ F-FF
E 20-22cm 7.9″-8.6″ FF
F 22-24cm 8.6″-9.4″ FF-G
G 24-26cm 9.4″-10.2″ G-GG
H 26-28cm 10.2″-11″ GG-H
I 28-30cm 11″-11.8″ H-HH
J 30-32cm 11.8″-12.6″ HH
K 32-34cm 12.6″-13.4″ HH-J
L 34-36cm 13.4″-14.2″ J-JJ
M 36-38cm 14.2″-15″ JJ-K
N 38-40cm 15″-15.7″ K
O 40-42cm 15.7″-16.5″ K-KK
P 42-44cm 16.5″-17.3″ KK-L
R 44-46cm 17.3″-18.1″ L-LL
S 46-48cm 18.1″-18.9″ LL-M