The Gorsenia Patti is another product from our Polish suppliers. View the rest of our Gorsenia range here

We have recently done some work on the Gorsenia sizing and it all seems a bit confusing! We have come up with a table below to try and explain their 2cm cup changes vs the standard UK Sizing.  To find out your UK size please use the calculator here

Gorsenia Cup Letter Gorsenia Size Range (cm) Gorsenia Size Range (“) Approx. UK Cup Range
A 12 – 14cm 4.8″-5.6″ DD-E
B 14-16cm 5.6″-6.4″ E
C 16-18cm 6.4″-7.2″ E-F
D 18-20cm 7.2″-8″ F-FF
E 20-22cm 8″-8.8″ FF
F 22-24cm 8.8″-9.6″ G
G 24-26cm 9.6″-10.4″ G-GG
H 26-28cm 10.4″-11.2″ GG-H
I 28-30cm 11.2″-12″ H-HH
J 30-32cm 12″-12.8″ HH
K 32-34cm 12.8″-13.6″ HH-J
L 34-36cm 13.6″-14.4″ J-JJ
M 36-38cm 14.4″-15.2″ JJ-K